Wet Jelqing (Milking) Should Be Done Whenever Possible

Wet Jelqing is the main method available to dedicated penis enlargers and is the single most effective technique to both increase the length and the width of your penis.

You will need a high quality lubricant. Some people use vaseline intensive care, whatever you choose, make sure that it is of a high quality and use plenty of it.

How to Perform Wet Jelqing ( Milking)


Right, you have to start by getting a semi erection, something in between 40% and 60% erect.

Make the ‘okay’ sign with your fingers as talked about in the last section ( Dry Milking). Get your penis at the base and with moderate pressure, begin to pull towards the end sliding your fingers from the base, to just before the head. When you have done this, repeat with the other hand by starting from the base and stroking all the way up.

That’s it, you have performed the wet Jelqing exercise, I hope you are happy to have learned it!! Now you may go to the last phase of the exercises which is warming down.

Warming Down


Warming down is optional but it can help increase your penis size much faster and should be done after any intensive workout.

Natural Penis Enlargement Warming Down

Simply do the same as you did for warming up, either a hot wrap or shower.