Real Penis Enlargement

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penis enlargementPenis enlargement is a major issue around the world. Because all men are not created equal; we may pretend this is true but it most assuredly not. Yes, anyone who goes to college and works hard can make themselves a fortune. Even those who never finished higher education, Bill Gates comes to mind, have the same opportunities to become the rich and famous celebrities they idolize as they grow up. There exist so many ways to become what you want and do what you want that surely everyone has the same chance. Well… no.

A problem arises (very literally) when it comes to our bodies. You can have fat sucked out of this part, implants in your breasts, calf’s, even shoulders, bur there is nothing that the medical profession can do for the male organ. Even with the billions of dollars spend each year on elective surgeries that merely enhance looks, there is basically nothing to improve penis length or girth. True, there are surgeries which are very expensive and dangerous. Implants, tissue grafts and injections. A weight can be tied or hung from your organ but that is also risky and can permanently inhibit erections. Vacuum pumps, at best barely safe, have been the only choice for the man who is educated at penis enlargement and doesn’t want to risk his penile health for too long.

Now there is another option however, natural penis enlargement through exercise. Medical data has shown (some of which was correlated with Nobel prize work) that the tissues in the penis can be lengthened and thickened resulting in a longer, thicker member. Surely this information would spread like wildfire and men across the nation would gladly embrace it. Sadly, due to physician’s lack of support for anything that doesn’t include pills, this information is largely thought to be myth. It’s not a surprise that there are few medical professionals willing to endorse a program that is free to the public. The information is available though, and there are men who believe in it enough to go through with it.

The results are amazing for those who stick with a program. Some men see results of multiple inches in length and girth. Periods of time range up to two years, but there are very few workouts of any kind where you will see results like these faster. There is a transformation, and it’s not just sexually. Men are judged on their manhood and that is literally their penis. Confidence is virtually guaranteed to rise for any man when he knows he has something that most women desire and other men are jealous of. It levels the playing field in his favor. Only the fact that it requires hard work and dedication would keep more men from trying this. It is imperative you stick with it and give it your all to really see results. That is what keeps this information from truly making us equal. Desire to become more than you are is not present in many people, and that is why some will never discover the benefits of penis enlargement, because desire is what it takes.