Warm Up Before Your Natural Penis Enlargement Workouts

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Penis enlargement is entirely safe if you take the time to do it properly. Would you start an intensive workout at the gym without even warming up a little first? No, you wouldn’t and if you ever have (as I have) then you will know that you can hurt yourself pretty bad.

Some people will try to tell you that warming up is optional but let me tell you now, it’s a bad advice.

How to effectively warm up your penis ready for a good natural penis enlargement workout.

It is simply a matter of soaking a cloth or towel in nice warm water and then wrapping it around your penis. This transfers the heat from the towel to your penis and helps to make your tissue more elastic.

Simply repeat this technique for about 5 minutes before your workout. If the towel starts to get cool or the heat really drops off. Dunk the towel again and wrap it around once more.

An alternative way of warming up would be to simply submerge your penis and testicles in a bowl of warm water, have a warm bath or you could even take a hot shower.

As long as plenty of heat has been applied you should be fine.

Onto the next exercise

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