Dry Milking – Penis Enlargement Exercise

Dry milking is often underrated by most people who use natural penis enlargement method. Ignoring this exercise is a shame as it is extremely powerful, clean and easy to do.

I recently received an e-mail from a guy who was wondering whether having two weeks off of his penis enlargement workout to go on holiday would adversely effect his growth and somehow temporarily stunt his gains. In reality, it would set you back slightly and your body would have to readjust to the workouts.

So, I recommend that he did 5 minutes of dry milking (dry jelqing ) after each shower. This means he could keep his penis used to the workouts and he wouldn’t lose any of his previous gains.

Dry milking is both clean as you haven’t got to use lubricant and it is very discreet, you can do it before you go to bed or after a nice warm bath, nobody will ever know.

How to perform Dry Milking (Dry Jelqing)  Exercise 

Okay, you start by forming a circle in your hands by touching together your thumb and forefinger, this makes a kind of circle or ”okay” sign. Now grip your penis at the base with the okay sign and without sliding your fingers over the skin simply pull to about half way. Return your ‘okay’ sign to the base and pull again. Each time you do one pull it is one repetition.

Make sure you DO NOT have an erection for this. It is best to have a 40-60% erection while dry jelqing, but no more!

Okay, what’s next? The wet variation of milking; Wet Jelqing